I am a Japanese Bonsai lover. I love to collect various kinds of Bonsai. However, my occupation is not Bonsai planter. I run my own company. My wife is an European and Bonsai lover, too. Oneday, we checked many Bonsai sites on web, but there were no good Bonsai in spite of high price.

Anyone who loves Bonsai in all countries hopes to buy nice Bonsai with reasonable price, I think.

I've tried to send Bonsai to my friends in some countries, also my wife's home town in Europe.

There were some difficulties to pack Bonsai, but they didn't get any damage.

Now I have special skill to send Bonsai to other countries.

“Then, I determined to send our Bonsai, genuine Japanese Bonsai overseas!”

I think you get a chance to take nice Bonsai!

Please inform me what kind of Bonsai you want. I'm going to find your favorite Bonsai in Japan. A friend of mine, he is a Bonsai planter, also helps me look for wonderful Bonsai.

my best regards

Hiroshi Koshidi